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Rate Making for Utility Boards

Electric costs are rising due to changes in power supply costs, aging infrastructure, the need for significant capital improvements, and pressure to increase contributions to the city.  To help assure customer rates are structured correctly it is important for management and boards to understand the utility‚Äôs cost structure and how it drives revenue requirements.
The following topics are covered:  

  • Cost of service studies and the nature of information provided to management the board.
  • How marginal costs analysis can supplement traditional studies to develop electric rates
  • Using the cost-of-service study to design rates and minimize customer impacts
  • Why rates vary by type of customer and how to develop pricing signals
  • The costs that rate components (facilities charge, energy, demand) are designed to recover 


o    Instructor: Mark Beauchamp, CPA, CMA, MBA, President Utility Financial Solutions



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