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eReliability Tracker 2.0

 Released in November 2012, APPA’s ground-breaking eReliability Tracker web-based software provided public power utilities with a simple way to collect, categorize, and summarize their outage information.

eReliability Tracker 2.0 builds on its predecessor’s success by introducing a number of new features that increase functionality and ease-of-use:

·         enhanced data upload and import (new feature)  

·         utility customer information stored on outage form for editing on an outage-by-outage basis (new feature)  

·         improved response time for report queries (new feature)

·         dynamic linking of substations and circuits throughout the system (new feature)

·         monthly reports with historical outage statistics (new feature)  

·         circuit and substation naming;

·         simultaneous multiple users;

·         mobile phone support;

·         multiyear collection and data categorization;

·         advanced outage and equipment tracking; and

·         Joint Action Agency-level management.

Subscribers to eReliability Tracker 2.0 also receive an annual national reliability report based on the software data and earn points toward the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation.


Privacy Policy: APPA will not share user data with third parties.Participants will remain anonymous for reporting purposes APPA reserves the right to aggregate user data (while maintaining anonymity of individual participants) for the purposes of report generation

APPA member: $149.00

DEED member: $99.00

Nonmember: $299.00


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