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NERC Reliability Compliance EOP 004 2

The NERC Reliability Standard on Event Reporting, EOP-004-2 (formally known as Sabotage and Event Reporting) has passed the industry and the NERC Board of Trustees, NERC is prepared to file the new reliability standard with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for approval.  This standard will require Registered Entities to report to NERC’s Situation Awareness group certain types of disturbances or events that occur or could have occurred to the organization.  The speaker, who is the Chair of the Standard Drafting Team, will discuss the performance obligations and the expectations needed for Registered Entities to demonstrate compliance once this standard is effective and enforceable.  The standard consolidates certain requirements and eliminates other requirements of the present standards CIP-001-1 and EOP-004-1. The webinar will review the three requirements and will present the intentions of the NERC Project 2009-01 Standard Development Team.  In addition, the discussion will touch on the impact on Distribution Providers that were not previously identified as Responsible Entities needing to comply with the standard.

o    Instructor: Brian Evans- Mongeon, Utility Services, Inc.

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