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RTO 101

This webinar will review the formation of RTOs and their primary responsibilities, identify primary differences among the RTOs, and explain the markets that they operate. The webinar will begin with an APPA staff explanation of RTOs and RTO markets, followed by APPA members' sharing of their experiences participating in an RTO.The second webinar in this series, RTO 201, will be held July 10 and will delve into the details of the RTO-operated mandatory locational capacity markets and recent rule changes in some RTOs that may impede public power systems’ ability to self-supply their own loads with their own generation resources.

o    Instructors: Elise Caplan, Manager, Electric Market Reform Initiative, American Public Power Association; Pat Connors, Senior Vice President, Power Supply, WPPI Energy; Sue Kelly, Senior Vice President, Policy Analysis and General Counsel, American Public Power Association; Patrick McCullar, President & CEO, Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation


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