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Information Technology Governance

In this webinar, the speakers discuss IT governance, including: 

·         An overview of IT governance, its importance, and highlight methods for incorporating IT areas into your audits

·         An approach to auditing IT governance, including documents to request and questions to answer

·         IT trends impacting IT governance (e.g., critical infrastructure protection, mobile devices, NERC) and how you can incorporate them into audits

Upon completing this webinar, attendees should be able to:

·         Provide an overview of IT governance and describe its importance

·         Describe one approach to auditing IT governance, including key scope areas, involved parties/stakeholders, key questions to answer

·         Describe current trends in IT governance and how they can be incorporated into IT Governance audits



o    Instructors: Tom Wojcinski, Director, Baker Tilly; Mike Cullen, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly


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