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Electric Rate Designs

          This two-part series covers electric rate designs that promote a desired customer behavior and achieve financial stability for the utility. These webinars will cover how the rates are developed and structured and the strengths and weaknesses when considering each rate form. It is not necessary to participate in both webinars, but it may be beneficial. Utilities are moving toward rate structures that more accurately reflect a utility‚Äôs cost structure. This webinar covers how these rates are developed and are often structured and how to determine whether particular rate structures are appropriate for individual utilities. The speaker will discuss the following rate structures:

  •  Time of use rates
  •    Real-time pricing rates
  •   Coincident demand rates
  •   Seasonal rates
  •    Interruptible rates
  •    Load aggregation rates
  •    Economic development rates

o    Instructor: Mark Beauchamp, CPA, CMA, MBA, President, Utility Financial Solutions


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