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Pole Attachments: Operational & Policy Issues


This webinar will cover operational measurements to ensure pole attachments are meeting the objectives of all parties to these agreements: joint-users, licensees, and electric utilities.  Foreign attachments should not increase costs or create operational or safety challenges for electric utilities.  Municipalities often don't have the necessary expertise and available staff time to deal with these agreements.  The webinar reviews the necessary elements of these agreements from an operation and policy standpoint. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding the total cost of attachments
  • Detailed review of the “Request to Attach” process
  • Detailed review of the “Make-Ready” process
  • How to clean up outstanding attachment issues
  • How to minimize future attachment issues



Walter West, Vice President for Analytical Solutions, McLean Engineering Company, Moultrie, Georgia

Michael Ivey, Senior Engineer,McLean Engineering, McLean Engineering Company, Moultrie, Georgia


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