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Introduction to Utility Cybersecurity Challenges

Series Overview
This is the first in a series of seven webinars on cybersecurity issues for electric utilities. Public power utilities take pride in delivering safe, reliable, affordable electric service. A cyber attack could undermine safety and reliability and put a utility’s reputation at risk. Increasingly, integrated utility software and equipment networks like advanced metering, outage management, and distribution automation systems are vulnerable to everything from mundane malware to sophisticated cyber attacks. Learn how to protect your utility, customers, community, and the electric grid from potentially damaging interruptions.


Webinar Description
Review the evolution of the “grid edge”— the shift from the traditional to a more distributed, responsive electric grid, driven by technology innovation and evolving customer demand. Understand how distributed generation, storage, and smart assets create billions of new networked end points, and present new opportunities for cyber threats.



·         Impact of smart grid/intelligent devices and applications on utility security practices

·         Determining who is responsible for cybersecurity

·         Sources of threats, potential intent, and impacts of an attack

·         How hackers gain access to utility networks, and what they may be after

·         Real-world examples of utility cyber threats — identification, damages, remediation

·         Cybersecurity best practices (based on NIST, NERC CIP guidelines) — protecting the core and operations network; securing third party and mobile connections; cybersecurity life cycle steps (monitor, assess, respond, revise policies)



·         Brad Luna, Senior Vice President of Sales, N-Dimension Solutions, Dallas, Texas

·         Todd Ponto, MSIS, CISSP, Director, Networks & Security, AESI, Tucker, Ga.


Who Should Attend
Utility general managers, engineering and operations staff, information technology and operational technology (IT and OT) personnel and others who are responsible for, or make decisions about, cybersecurity.


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·         Webinar recordings are available if you miss the live session.


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