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Employee Handbooks: 2015 and Beyond

Webinar Description
At their best, handbooks can effectively communicate employer policies and culture, and provide a strong defense against employee claims. At their worst, handbooks can show confusion or trigger liability.


If you have not reviewed your handbook recently, now is a good time to do so. Even if you have been updating your handbook regularly, you may not be aware of significant changes in the law that affect employer policies.


Join attorneys from Foster Pepper in Seattle and Fairfield and Woods in Denver for a lively discussion on the do’s and don’ts of drafting and updating employee handbooks and the updates that you should consider for your handbook.


Topics will include: 


·         Avoiding labor relations agencies’ attacks on social media policies

·         Adjusting policies in light of marriage equality

·         Assessing drug policies in light of legalization of marijuana in many states

·         Adapting policies to new technologies

·         Altering language to preserve at-will employment

·         Assuring compliance with federal and state EEO requirements

·         Assuring compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws



·         Craig Johnson, Director, Fairfield & Woods, Denver, Colo.

·         Michelle Magruder, Director, Fairfield & Woods, Denver, Colo

·         Steven Peltin, Member, Foster Pepper, Seattle, Wash.


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