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Three-year eReliability Tracker Subscription

APPA’s eReliability Tracker is an affordable, easy-to-use mobile-friendly web-based service that provides public power utilities with an effective way to collect, categorize, and summarize outage information.


Funded by a grant from APPA’s Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments (DEED) program, eReliability Tracker features:

·         Joint Action Agency-level management

·         Simultaneous use by multiple utility staff

·         Storage of utility customer information for editing on an outage-by-outage basis

·         Naming and dynamic linking of substations and circuits throughout the system

·         Multiyear data collection and categorization

·         Application Programing Interfacfe (API) to pass data and information to/from other utility systems

·         Mobile phone support

With eReliability Tracker, utilities can track:

·         Partial restorations or multi-layered outage events

·         Multiple versus single cause events

·         Number of customers per circuit to auto-calculate the number of customers interrupted

·         Custom variables and equipment details on each outage


With eReliability Tracker, utilities can run reports to:

·         View a monthly snapshot of their utility’s reliability performance

·         Identify the top worst performing circuits

·         Rank the most common causes based on count and duration

·         Calculate IEEE 1366 reliability indices

·         Help Joint Action Agency users benchmark IEEE statistics for member utilities


 New features include:

·         Updated methodology used to calculate ASAI

·         New tables to Circuit Ranking Report

·         Changes to Monthly Statistics report page


Subscribers to eReliability Tracker service receive an annual national reliability report based customized to their utility size and region, and earn points toward a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation.

To learn how eReliability Tracker will benefit your utility, view this complimentary webinar:

Click here to purchase the one-year subscription option.

DEED member: $680.40/three-year subscription

APPA Member $874.80/three-year subscription

Nonmember: $1134/three-year subscription

Privacy Policy: APPA will not share user data with third parties. Participants will remain anonymous for reporting purposes APPA reserves the right to aggregate user data (while maintaining anonymity of individual participants) for the purposes of report generation


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