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2016 Public Power Salary Survey Report


This report details salary information for 327 utilities that responded to APPA’s 2016 salary survey. It presents information on base salaries for 26 management positions, total compensation for general manager positions, and hourly figures for 24 non-management positions.

Salaries are summarized nationally and broken down by revenue class, customer size, and region. The report includes an appendix with a series of tables that summarize these figures.

The report also includes appendices with salary data for rural electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities.


·         Overview of Survey Respondents

·         National Salary Summaries

·         Annual Salaries, by Utility Revenue Class, Customer Size Class, and Region and Revenue Class

·         Hourly Pay, by Utility Revenue Class, Customer Size Class, and Region and Revenue Class

·         General Manager Salaries, by Type of Utility

·         General Managers, Percent Change in Salary and Annual Vehicle Allowance

·         City Manager Salaries, By Revenue Class, Customer Size Class, and Percentage of Time Dedicated to Utility Operations

·         Union and Non-Union Hourly Pay Data

·         Labor Expense per Worker Hour

·         Appendices: Job Descriptions; IOU Salaries; Rural Electric Cooperative Salaries; Median Salary and Hourly Pay per Occupation


A must-read for

·         General Managers and CEOs

·         Governing Boards

·         HR professionals


Published 2016, 60 pages.

APPA Member: $50

Nonmember: $100



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