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Utilizing Dashboards For More Effective Cyber & Ph

Series Description

This is the first in a series of three webinars focused on cyber and physical security topics. Cyber and physical security threats pose an emerging risk in the electric utility world and attacks such as the one carried out on multiple electric utilities in the Ukraine turn this risk into a reality for utility operators around the world.

This webinar series is designed to update utility managers on three security issues relevant to the current cyber/physical threat landscape and will focus on: 1) the legal aspects of threat information sharing, 2) enterprise risk management through the use of a risk dashboard and 3) learning from the experts who were on the ground in Ukraine to understand the cyber kill chain concept that uses good cyber hygiene practices to stop even sophisticated attackers from disrupting your control systems.

Who Should Participate

Utility security professionals, senior managers, supervisors, and executives from public power utilities of all sizes.

Webinar Description

Learn about one of the fasted growing risk management tools in the utility industry—cyber and physical security dashboards. Utility executives and boards typically do not have a detailed line of sight into their specific security posture, which creates significant concerns regarding potential unforeseen service disruptions, reputational damage, and liabilities.

Hear an update on the importance of cyber and physical security risk and learn why a risk management process is essential. Trends and risk management challenges for public power will be presented. The speakers will also discuss how key operational, management and legal aspects can be incorporated into a standardized dashboard framework for a more effective security risk management process. Utility examples and APPA support resources will be described.


·         Doug Westlund, VP, Strategic Planning & Implementation Services, AESI, Toronto, Canada


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Individual webinars: $99 for APPA members; $199 for nonmembers



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