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The Industrial Control System Cyber Kill Chain

Series Description

This is the third in a series of three webinars focused on cyber and physical security topics. Cyber and physical security threats pose an emerging risk in the electric utility world and attacks such as the one carried out on multiple electric utilities in the Ukraine turn this risk into a reality for utility operators around the world.

This webinar series is designed to update utility managers on three security issues relevant to the current cyber/physical threat landscape and will focus on: 1) the legal aspects of threat information sharing, 2) enterprise risk management through the use of a risk dashboard and 3) learning from the experts who were on the ground in Ukraine to understand the cyber kill chain concept that uses good cyber hygiene practices to stop even sophisticated attackers from disrupting your control systems.

Who Should Participate

Utility security professionals, senior managers, supervisors, and executives from public power utilities of all sizes.

Webinar Description

On December 23, 2015, the western region of Ukraine experienced a cyber attack, which resulted in a sweeping blackout. The power outages impacted multiple Ukrainian distribution utilities, hundreds of thousands of customers, and the attack purposely made remediation extremely difficult. When all was said and done, IT and OT systems were completely overwritten and power companies were left to manually fix damage at impacted substations throughout the region. This event marked the first time in history that a cyber attack has been proven to bring down a power system and disrupt the life of everyday citizens.

In this webinar, the speakers will discuss the attack and introduce the concept of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Kill Chain to help map the stages of the cyber attack campaign and provide important lessons learned and future implications for North American utilities. They will also discuss the importance of having a cyber security program that covers the basics in cyber hygiene, as well as detection and prevention strategies to respond to similar threats that may occur in the U.S.


  • Mike Assante, Lead for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), SANS Institute, Bethesda, Md.
  • Tim Conway, Technical Director, ICS and SCADA programs, SANS Institute, Bethesda, Md.


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