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Adding Liability Insurance Coverage

Series Description

This is the last in a series of three webinars focused on cyber and physical security topics. Cyber and physical security threats pose an emerging risk in the electric utility world and attacks such as the one carried out on multiple electric utilities in the Ukraine turn this risk into a reality for utility operators around the world.

This webinar series is designed to update utility managers on three security issues relevant to the current cyber/physical threat landscape and will focus on: 1) the legal aspects of threat information sharing; 2) enterprise risk management through the use of a risk dashboard; 3) learning from the experts who were on the ground in Ukraine to understand the cyber kill chain concept that uses good cyber hygiene practices to stop even sophisticated attackers from disrupting your control systems; and 4) the role of cyber liability insurance in protecting utilities from the financial and reputational harm of data breaches

Who Should Participate

Utility security professionals, senior managers, supervisors, and executives from public power utilities of all sizes.

Webinar Description

Effective cybersecurity preparation requires more than creating barriers for those trying to access utility data. The determination and skill of today's cyber criminals require each utility to prepare for the financial and reputational harm caused by unauthorized access to customer and employee records. This webinar reviews how new approaches to liability insurance coverage are bolstering public power’s cybersecurity arsenal. Speakers will review such issues as which exposures are not covered by existing property & casualty policies and how new policies can cover expenses associated with data breach notification costs, credit monitoring, legal fees, fines & penalties, data recovery, funds transfer loss, cyber extortion, and professional services for data breach crisis management. Speakers will explain the information needed to obtain quotes for cyber liability insurance coverage and offer case studies/guidelines on limits, deductibles, and premium costs.


·         George Adkins , Managing Director/Power Generation Practice Leader, Wortham Power Gen Insurance

·         Kaitlin Upchurch , Managing Director/Professional Indemnity Specialist & Cyber Liability Practice Leader, Wortham Power Gen Insurance

Registration Information

Individual webinars: $99 for APPA members; $199 for nonmembers

The 4-part series: $225 for APPA members; $550 for nonmembers



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